allows sports fans and experts to create and crowdfund tickets to take on the Colossus jackpots.

All Syndicate contributors share the returns in proportion to their contribution.

Syndicates can be created for all our jackpots

235K+ Syndicates launched

55K+ Unique players

£4M+ Payouts

It's good to be a Captain

In addition to your share of Syndicate payouts, receive a 5% rebate on the total cost of Syndicates you place.

Conquer the Captain Leaderboard by delivering the best ROI.

Engage your social media audience with fun and unique Syndicate content.

Public Captain profile page to showcase your track record.

All transactions are administered by Colossus so no admin for you.

Option to make your Syndicates public, available to all Colossus players, or private, open only to those you invite to join.

Become a Syndicate Captain

1. Create your Captain profile.
2. Select a pool.
3. Make your Syndicate ticket picks.
4. Contribute at least 10% to launch the Syndicate.

5. Your Syndicate is now live on Colossus. Don't forget to share on your social media!

6. And remember, as the Captain, you control all Cash Out decisions so watch out for those offers.

When new players SIGN UP WITH YOUR CODE and spends £10, you get £10


Our team is ready to answer any questions and offer support to get you up and running